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The Worldwide Tribe Collaboration with CreativeConnection

The Worldwide Tribe

The Worldwide Tribe are a grassroots organisation whose mission is to highlight the humanity behind world issues, inspire global community and leave a legacy of positive, social change. They use creative storytelling to bring a personal, human perspective to the issues that people want to know about, while investing in grassroots projects that make a direct difference to the lives of those in need.


The WorldWide Tribe and CreativeConnection collaborated on this project to help raise awareness of some of the reasons why refugees leave their countries, and the hardships they face to even cross the border. These true stories are ones that we often do not see in the mainstream media but could help to remove some of the stigma around refugees. The animation style is fairly new to CreativeConnection and used more digital formats for the hand drawn images. This allowed us to create more detailed images and give more diversity to the editing to create more dramatic scenes such as the gunfire and explosions. This style was perfect for telling the stories of these two families, of their struggles and hopes for a better life. The campaign will be launched in stages, with initial mini videos, or Gifs, produced for the pre-launch to gain momentum and interest online, along with still images from the videos. A preview screening organised for peers and selected press will officially launch the videos to the public and following that the full launch to the press and the WorldWide Tribe and CreativeConnection online channels and specifically designed microsite the day after. This all possible due to the elements taken from the videos to create additional tools for social engagement to reach the largest audience group possible, a crucial part of this campaign for refugees.


This campaign was launched in December 2016 on Human Rights Day with all elements available to view online via the CreativeConnection website, The WorldWide Tribe website, and the #WithRefugees microsite which has been specifically developed for the community of both refugee supporters and refugees themselves to share their stories and experiences on a safe platform. The hashtag #withrefugees will be used throughout the campaign to gather support and bring the community of supporters together. The combination of video, imagery and digital elements like the microsite help to bring this campaign together with the full support to reach the greatest audience. Additional to the outputs, a text donation number has been added to the end of each video and in all online communications to make the donation process as easy as possible for viewers. This is particularly effective due to the popularity of using mobile devices to look on social channels such as Facebook and YouTube, two key channels for this camapign.


The two animations which can be seen below tell the stories of Yaman and Zeinah, true stories told to The Worldwide Tribe team. The videos were sent out the the CC mailing list as a preview the day before the official launch which gave us a strong following in time for the official launch on Human Rights Day. The newsletter linked to the microsite where the videos could be seen and comments could be added.

Social Media GIFs and Shorts

In the run up to the launch on the 10th December for Human Rights Day, the below GIFs were published on the CreativeConnection and The Worldwide Tribe Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to act as teasers and gain interest before the launch.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in the work The Worldwide Tribe do, or you have any questions about the campaign or your own projects please contact