The Business of innovation Summit 2015

Following huge success in the past, The London Speaker Bureau hosted The Business of Innovation Summit 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. The conference is recognised as one of the most powerful for business leaders and industry captains in Asia. The conference boasted a range of high profile speakers, including Bob Geldof and Richard Quest, providing unparalleled access to their ideas and opinions on thought leadership and insights into future strategic decisions. It aims to provide an understanding of the opportunities that leaders face today.

CreativeConnection provided visual minutes at the The Business of Innovation Summit 2015 where they were able to interact and extract information from key speakers as well as delegates. The information captured was invaluable in recording the event, and allowed for another aspect of engagement and excitement at the conference that is unique.

The artists used a combination of words, images and colour to depict the day, highlighting aspects that were significant and developing throughout the day. The mural was clearly visible throughout the day and participants were invited to discuss their thoughts and feelings from the day with the artists, creating a rich and enlightening board.