Symantec Lead capture multi-venue event strategy case study

Background: Mike Thomas, Sales Director at Symantec, approached CreativeConnection to help create a multi venue event strategy. Symantec were booked at multiple event locations across the year and needed an innovative strategy for lead generation and lead capture.

The Task: To create a multiple event strategy which would stand out against competitors, engage delegates and generate leads and industry awareness’ for Symantec advertised products. The biggest challenge was to deliver big results with limited budget. The schedule of events were booked in high profile venues, covering Technological subjects such as the Higher Education Show at the QE11, and G-Cloud at the Islington Design Centre and E-Health Insider (EHI) at the Birmingham NEC. Each event was a high profile digital forum with intense stand competition such as e-crime congress and The Future of Cloud Computing and Securing the Future of Cyberspace. Each event would have competitor stands designed and developed with big event budgets.

The CC Solution: The CC event management team created a schedule of activity to insure high competitive visibility, delegate engagement and effective methods of lead data capture. The strategy used was based on Dave Chaffey’s concept of RACE (REACH, ACTION, and CONVERT, ENGAGE). Reach was achieved in designing an event stand unlike any other used within Digital Security Events. We combined simplicity and art with visual engagement. The stand was a blank artistic canvas in which our team of graphic artist facilitators could engage with the event delegates. The process was captured in a video to allow for a post event audit to be undertaken and an event white paper to be provided as a post event communication tool. On site delegate engagement was achieved via conversations with delegates which were recorded in real time. Data was captured from business cards and by the team.  Delegate portraits were drawn on the canvas as a follow up communication tactic and enabler for the delegate to be part of the canvas conversation being collated by the artist team. The event video and white paper were used as lead nurturing tools in a post event email marketing campaign. As delegates had requested both tools the email marketing results were higher as the content was requested by the delegate (an opt-in email strategy). And because of the portraits the graphic content within each email was personalised to the reader.

The results: The results in each category outperformed the targets hoped for. The event schedule ran for a year. Although the low budget Symantec stand appear small and simple in comparison to the competitor big budget stands, at each event the Symantec stand had the highest delegate footfall of any other stand. The delegate’s and event organisers regularly commentated on the innovation of the stand and the depth of natural engagement through real conversations on topic areas. A high number of emails and business cards were collected as a result of the white paper and video offer and delegate personalised portraits. Each post event email campaign had an average open rate of 98% (due to the opt-in nature of the communication) and an average conversion rate of 78% in the next step in the lead conversion process. The sales team working on site commented that this was the most successful strategy and campaign they had worked with. The results for Symantec were such a success that it was heralded as a best practice award within the company. The success for the CC team was that Mike was happy and gained recognition within Symantec from the outcomes and to this day is one of our favourite clients.

The outputs: Lead nurturing email marketing outputs and engagement and visual auditing and analysis outputs:

E-crime Congress, Park Plaza, Victoria, London:

The Future of Cloud Computing, the Britannia international hotel, Canary Wharf London:

E-Health Insider (EHI) LIVE, Birmingham NEC, Birmingham: