Fat Face Away Day

FatFace Brand Camp Away Days Case study

Background: Becky Shephard from the well know clothes designer and manufacturing company FatFace, approach the Creativeconnection.co.uk Away Day team for help with a Brand Camp Away Day they were planning. The Away Day was held at the Seathwaite Campsite in The Lake District and we were very lucky to be involved in this great day and also in such a magical place but also very lucky to be working with such an amazing innovative thinking company such as FatFace.

The Task: To support the 3 day Fatface Brand Camp Away Day(s) with creative team building and facilitated workshops to encourage greater understanding and planning in the Fatface Brand. The group was also extensive with 310 people involved in the event made up of 210 Store Managers and 100 Fat Base Staff.

The solution:

Day 1: CC supported the Away Day Activities from departure to the destination. Sporting a Virgin Charter train from Euston to Penrith. During this first leg of the journey, the Creativeconnection.co.uk Away Day team captured all the activities using a combination of film based technologies and Visual Minutes. (This content formed the pieces of a film of the day’s activities was provided on completion as a remind of the days outcomes and lessons learned). Scrap books and materials were provided to all the individuals on the train which key questions as to ‘What the Fatface brand meant to them, and what they liked about the brand, and if the brand was a person who would it be and so on’. This allowed the team to work creatively to showcase their idea of the current Fatface brand and really spend some time to reflect on is Brand Essence and Brand Personality. This was key prep work activity to really help determine the activities of the rest of the Away Day and the Brand Planning and Brand Strategy development which was to come. The images collected from this session were then projected on to the tents in the evening for all to see and reflect over.

Once the team arrived a series of presentations relating to the brand, its brand heritage and the Brand journey and personal review from the FatFace CEO, Anthony Thomas (previously Managing Director of George within international Divisions of Walmart, He was also the former Retail Director of Marks & Spencer. So a great inspiration to the team and for the Fatface Brand as well as a great leader with extensive knowledge within the retail industry).  To end the day there was acoustic music and signing and social time all adding to the representation of the Fatface community and its brand style.

Day 2: Early start at 7am (that was a shock for everyone). The group was split into teams and activities were implemented. All the activities were aimed to help to build individual confidence and team work and support as well as be fun for everyone involved to allows some ‘letting off steam’ element of the Away Day. However each activity was also strategic in terms of the type of activities customers would undertake wearing the Fatface merchandise. Activities such as Scrambling, bike rides and yoga. Each activity had an accompanying artist and photographer and camera person. All elements were captured and facilitated to reiterate the brand association with each activity. A creative session with the CC team was also one of the activities in which conversations and creativity and innovation ran wild around the core subject of brand strategy. A collage of pictures encompassing the brand strategy was created as well and built up during the days events (creating an overall Rich Picture or Brand Wall of the days outcomes and the Fatface Branding strategy and relating the future direction of the business, its priorities and the role the teams and individuals played in the Branding Mix. The evening sessions were centred around ‘Brand Communication’  but also ‘Internal Communication’ run by CC. The mood of the camp was also collected and added to the Fatface Brand Wall which was brought back to the office and showcased as a visionary guide  to the brand and future of the brand for Fatface.  An end of camp party finished off the Away Day session in style and more importantly in accordance with the brand culture of Fatface.

The journey back to London was also captured – to provide an analysis of the changes in brand perception, the thoughts and aspirations now being discussed in conversations between individuals on the train and also the excitement and renewed energy from the team around the future of the Fatface brand and its implementation. The CC team also ran mini workshops on visual communication and each Store Manger created a visual board to take back to their store to help with the communication and implementation process of the brand strategy across stores.

The results:

The brand essense, brand strategy and Future of the brand were discussed in depth and were decided upon by all the managers within Fatface. This communal input into the strategy has meant that everyone is involved, passionate and excited about the implementation of creating a ‘supper brand’. The time spent together created better bonds between Store Managers and the Fat Base staff and in turn allowed for stronger commitment and communication between the groups. The information captured was used as a set of communication tools for all the Store Managers when communicating the day’s outcomes to their direct reports as well as Internal Marketing Communication tools.

Why it was perfect Brand Camp Away Day for Fatface:

The location, activities and supporting materials were all executed in a style which represented the values of Fatface and its brand. The activities were the sort of activities which Fatface customers would undertake or that the Fatface merchandise represents. The Fatface brand is creative, innovative, natural, and ethical and almost represents a ‘family brand’ even though it is essentially a ‘super brand’. The gathering of the staff in such a magical place, the transportation and the creative input into the whole Away Day journey was a testimony to the Fatface brand. At CreativeConnection.co.uk we think this is an essential part of any Away Day activity, the activities need to delivery on some pretty tough objectives so the Away Day planning is essential and it has to be right for you and your brand and your objectives. You’re staff are the customers and you need to deliver on their needs as well as deliver on your objectives. An Away Day is an Internal Marketing exercises and should be treated as such, with a clear audience, clear objectives and a clear return on investment.  In this case CreativeConnection.co.uk were proud to be part of such a great event and we are happy that we achieved what the audience needed and organisation needed.

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