Chartered Institute of Housing Conference 2015

The Chartered Institute of Housing held its annual three day conference and exhibition in Manchester, U.K. commencing on the 23rd June, 2015.  The Chartered Institute of Housing, independent voice for housing, and home of professional standards, facilitated through its conference and exhibition a fostering of community, ideas, and futurology.  An opportunity existed to platform leadership and address multitudinal housing questions and demands, including open discussion with Government, Local Government, and other providers about such varied topics as approaches to big data, the right to buy, and the content of UK Housing Review 2015.

The Chartered Institute of Housing’s stand was a focal point at the recent event.  Research at Stanford University has proven visual image is processed at greater rapidity than text, and our earliest forms of written communication were mnemonic or symbol based.  The visual image has the power to connect to new aspirations or reconnect with underlying emotion and potentially transform the viewer.  Its meanings contain a deeper resonance than sheer aesthetic value, and through their choice of the utilisation of images,The Chartered Institute of Housing shared stories of housing operations from self-diagnosing boilers to intelligent houses sending feedback.

CreativeConnection produced wall and cube graphics to enrich the The Chartered Institute of Housing stand, providing an enhanced overall view of The Office Environment, Smarter Properties, Repairs and Maintenance and Customer Engagement.

At large scale, the wall murals present a creative pathway to advancements in housing technology and developments in customer-friendly management of services.

Each hand illustrated scenario, through emotive and variegated use of colour, and detailed line mastery, enables the viewer to experience an innovative housing future.  We see how smartphone technology and online tenant portals can create better user experiences, and pictographically step inside an office of ‘tomorrow’.

Through The Charted Institute of Housing’s display, we can access directly the possibility of change – changing how we live, how we work and how we manage time.  Over 80% of the U.K. use smartphones and there is demand for similarly greater mobility and intuitivism in our ways of working and living.  Image leads us to imagine how this growth could positively manifest.  It encourages us to dream.

Written by Lara Popovic