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We’ve recently completed work on a multi-faceted project for the British Medical Association (BMA) reviewing their 2013 report ‘Growing Up in the UK‘ in which we provided them with graphic facilitation at their round table event, a rich picture and a 6 minute animation.


The BMA approached us early this year to work with them on their review of the report ‘Growing Up in the UK’, looking at the changes since it was released in 2013. Their review found that most of the findings of the original report are still true and little has improved in the health and well-being of children and young people.

As part of this review, the BMA hosted a Roundtable event in February 2016 where 40 key external child health stake holders from organisations such the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Institute of Child Health, Association for Young People’s Health, Royal College of Nursing, NSPCC, The Children’s Societyas were invited to participate in a collaborative workshop with the BMA.

BMA Rich Picture Animation CreativeConnection

The workshop examined the factors that impeded positive child health outcomes and sought to determine ways to develop productive partnerships between doctors and other health professionals to better meet the health needs of children and young people. Topics discussed included the modern lifestyle, media influence, communication, prevention and public perception.

The BMA wanted us to attend their Rountable event and provide graphic faciltiation. From the mural, we developed a rich picture and 6-minute animation that was launched at their annual representative meeting and hosted on their website.

The Result:

Phase 1 Pre-event briefing session – Prior to the event, our project manager and artist team had a briefing meeting with the BMA to discuss the event agenda and outcomes. The artists were prepared for the topics and particular questions that they should focus on during the event. These would later be developed for the post-event rich picture and animation.

Phase 2 Graphic Facilitiation– An artist team of two artists attended the roundtable which was structured in two parts. The first part included a presentation and speaker panel and the second part featured breakout sessions in which the attendees were divided into smaller groups to discuss the types of barriers that prevent a healthy lifestyle in children and young people. The artists captured information and collected audience feedback and created a mural.

BMA Rich Picture Animation CreativeConnection

Phase 3 Rich Picture and Animation – The final phase of the project was very much a collaborative effort between us and the BMA. We met with the BMA in a number of sessions to discuss the direction for the rich picture and animation and the mural created during the event provided a visual map of the ideas and information.

The animation created ‘Growing up in the UK, where to now?’ summarised the event with the child health experts and discussed solutions to combatting the obstacles that are hindering healthy and positive lifestyles for children and young people.

We used a mixture of hand drawing, papers cut outs and stop motion animation to add a compelling dynamism to the work without detracting from the message being spoken.

The BMA created a script using the information and recordings collected during the roundtable. Ian Wilson, Chair of the BMA, Dr. Karen Horridge, chair of the British Academy of Childhood Disability, Emma Rigby, Chief Executive of the Associaltion for Young People’s Health, and Dr. Richard Levin, BMA Scotland Council Member all make an appearance. After watching a version of the animation, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, BMA President from 2015-2016, was so impressed that he wanted to participate, too, so we created a section for him, too, in which he reflects on the mission of the BMA and how children need to be at the heart of any decision-making in all relevant discussions.

The end of the animation forms a rich picture, which shows the entire animation together as one piece which can be used as a stand alone piece of work also. This could be printed out and used as a poster, it could have text added to it to provide more, specific information, and it can also be made available for download on the Swindon CCG website for staff and patients to download and use.

BMA Rich Picture Animation CreativeConnection

Phase 4 Launch – The animation and rich picture were launched at the BMA Annual Representative Meeting in Belfast in June 2016. The rich picture was printed out as a poster and put on display next to the screening of the animation. The work is now being hosted on the BMA website in the section ‘Growing Up in the UK: progress report 2016’ where details of the report can be found.
The team:

This was a collaborative effort between the CreativeConnection team and the BMA. Our two artists Fede Ciotti and Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen worked on the concept, graphic facilitation mural, rich picture and animation. The project manager was Holly Willmott and Badj Whipple edited the animation. The script and voice overs were provided by BMA.

Your Thoughts:

What do you think about BMA’s review of their Growing up in the UK report? Do you understand this more after watching the animation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!