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CreativeConnection is an agency made up of a group of artists, graphic artists, illustrators, facilitators, consultants, coaches, animators, editors and script writers all with the aim of bringing more creative thinking into corporate communication. We work in many different languages and have teams located all over the globe (Canada, Dubai, Holland, Australia, China and India). Facilitation and consultancy are our core strengths and so these skills are infused into everything we do such as Animations, Visual Minutes, Event Management and stand development, Training and Corporate Training, Consultancy, facilitation and Away Days with a difference.

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Visual Minutes

Visual Minutes is the art of capturing content and conversations and turning them into visuals. Visual content is easier to absorb and understand, making it the perfect communication tool for planning, strategy, process, internal development and change or to communicate event and workshop outcomes to delegates. If you’re looking for a Visual Minutes artist for your next workshop, meeting or event, simply need an animator or illustrator for you next creative project or perhaps you need an artist facilitator to develop a Rich Picture for you then please call our international booking team today.

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The market is full of animations and video services. You can get ‘off the shelf’ cheap animation products, you can now even get ‘make your own’ animation programmes. However at CreativeConnection we believe any animation or video should be more than just a visual moving communication, more than just some words, script and images moving on a screen. We believe animation and video should be a viral communication and cultural change and engagement tool. This is why with all our animation and video projects we use our facilitator team to run target audience and stakeholder workshops, we run script development workshops and storyboard workshops, creating a buzz about the animation or video before its even been launched. We have also found ways to enhance animations and videos through interactivity, PDF downloads, interactive rich pictures, posted Call To Action questions and more.
If you ‘re looking for more than just animation or video call our international animation booking team today for a free proposal.

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Facilitation is offered in many different ways but at CreativeConnection we work on the basis of Transformative Narrative. We have a team of highly trained and experienced facilitators to cover all your facilitation needs.
If you’re looking for a facilitator for your next event, conference, workshop, team building or Away Day please call our international booking team today.

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Visual Communication is a proven method of enhancing communication within a business environment. Whether you’re a project Manager, Marketing Director or Doctor visual communication skills can help you to better communicate with the people around you. We offer a range of training courses to fit into your business day to day communication needs such as ‘using Visual Communication to enhance Presentation Skills’ as well as bespoke courses designed for individual needs. We also offer corporate and team packages for Visual Communication Training.
If you’re looking to learn more about Creative thinking and Visual Communication please call our international booking team today.

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Similar to our Facilitation services we also offer a range of consultancy services all using tools centred around Transformative Narrative. Services range from Team building and change management, LEAN consultancy and executive Coaching. Our Consultants can even identify your ‘Super Power’ which has helped a lot of key individuals within the business community identify their core skills and how to use these in the most effective way (Super Power Readings are recommended for Director Level only).
If you’re looking for a Consultant or Coaching service please call our international booking team today.

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Away Days

Companies make considerable financial investment in Away Days and we believe they deserve better value for money. While most of the standard Away Day activities you see advertised offer short term benefits, staff often report that no long lasting relationships were formed. Managers worry that with no permanent record of what was achieved, training objectives are not solidly learned and things quickly return to business as usual. At CreativeConnection we have developed a new way. We agree that Away Days should be fun – but they should also be meaningful and productive in the long term. With this in mind, we make your Away Day personal to your business with relevant activities and games to drive home key concepts as well as engaging the creativity and innovation of your workforce. Together you and your team will create artefacts and objects of beauty that can be photographed, filmed or simply displayed in your office and serve as a concrete reminder of the values, objectives and achievements of the day, not to mention all the fun they had.
If you’re looking for a different kind of Away Day for your team please call our international booking team today.

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Our event enhancement tools provide greater levels of engagement with conference or convention delegates. We offer cost effective stand design and creation and artist facilitators to talk with delegates and start conversations for engagement (which we then draw up in front of their eyes!). We also offer design services such as info graphics, Rich pictures and animations. Our artist teams can provide on the spot personalised merchandise with caricatures, hand drawn logos and portraits. Try us for your next event, you will be amazed by the results. If you ‘re looking for Visual Minutes artist, illustrators, animators or event facilitation for your next event, conference or convention, call our international booking team today.

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For more information or to book our services please call or text our International Booking Team on +44 (0) 7827013191 or email info@creativeConnection.co.uk or Skype us at CreativeConnec Or you can tweet us or post a comment on our Facebook page below.

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